Kyphosis, or curvature of the spine: How to prevent and treat the problem

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Kyphosis, or curvature of the spine: How to prevent and treat the problem

The spine is the axis of our life. So we believe chiropractors and with this premise we work to preserve and improve the health of our patients. Not only do we think that a problem in the spine will affect the locomotor system but also the overall functioning of our body. We believe that any changes to it affect the nerves that surround it and these in turn to a particular part of the body.

In addition, chiropractors ailments boarded located exclusively in the back, as it could not be otherwise. Deviations from the natural curves of the spine are one of the biggest reasons for consultation.

And the column is not straight at all. It has small depressions in three areas of the back: neck, spine and lumbar area. When these curves are modified by increasing talk of kyphosis or lordosis, depending on the area. When default, this is rectified, turning straight talk about flat back, in what is known as such properly back as well as neck and lumbar rectification.

The most striking of these modifications of the natural balance of the back is kyphosis, which is often called simply kyphosis. Popularly known as ‘Hump’ or ‘hump’, a qualifier that may be offensive depending on how and under what circumstances is used.

The origin of kyphosis, the bulging back to the height of the ridges, is diverse, so the easiest way to explain it is well understood, is classifying it into two large groups.

On the one hand found structural and postural kyphosis. The first, more severe, can not be corrected and is best appreciated when the patient side you look. The second is with education and eliminated positions and, in my case, chiropractic treatment.

Another classification is speaking of their origin, which may be primary or secondary. The primary root has an unknown, genetic and other sometimes diagnosed with Scheuermann disease name. The secondary is the result of an accident, injury or degeneration of spinal discs.

Treatment depends on each record. Some congenital kyphosis can be corrected with surgery if detected as children. Also they are having an infectious origin.

Corset, postural rehabilitation and chiropractic adjustment, in my case, are the three great advantages to correct those produced by impact trauma or degenerative diseases.

Regarding postural hygiene is basic in all processes, not only to cure, but also to prevent. Especially children, learning to stand tall and avoiding overburden weight.

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