I have had severe chronic low back pain for a long time. I?ve tried physical therapy, cortisone shots, several medications, and even contemplated surgery. None helped, at least more than just temporarily. I went to New Life Medical Center as a referral from a friend who spoke highly of Dr. Pandya. I?ve been going for about 7 or 8 weeks now (approximately 12 visits), and I can?t believe how much better I feel. We are tapering off the treatments now, and we have been working more on stretching and straightening and core exercises now to prevent future flare ups. In addition to how much better I feel, the staff is friendly, and they keep it very affordable for me. Thank you Dr. Pandya
This is the one and only Chiropractic practice I?ve ever been to, but I?, a sworn convert. I started seeing Dr. Pandya in 2007 after a serious case of sciatic pain. When I started going I could only walk by limping and was in so much pain I was often in tears. Within that first week I was able to walk normally and within probably 10 days I felt basically better.
I now go monthly to make sure my back doesn?t get out of whack and I started taking my 10 month old son when he was about 6 months old and starting to get lots of ear infections. An adjustment definitely promotes sinus draining and I think helps us get through the ?sick? season.
Added bonus, the staff is very friendly.
I went to see Dr. Pandya because I was involved in a work injury. I have some disc problems, which have, on two occasions, completely immobilized me. After trying pain medications and seeing the company doctor. I decided to try seeing a Chiropractor. I can?t say enough about this place. Friendly staff and attentive doctors, as well as a nice facility. They worked with me and help me understand workerscomp law.
I would recommend New Life Medical Center to everyone.

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